Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014 Virginia Farm-to-Table Conference

To any and all farmers, market gardeners, food entrepreneurs, community advocates, nutrition and dining service directors, technical service providers, and anyone just generally  interested in strengthening Virginia’s food system from the soil up, this just might be for you. The Farm-to-Table Conference will present in-depth seminars on soil health, community health, market growth, and future agriculture, hosted by specialists such as Dr. Elaine Ingham, Dr. Amy Tucker, Dr. Elizabeth Dyck, Ann Karlen of Fair Food Philly, and Amish farmer David Kline. 

December 2-4 (8:30-4:30) at the Blue Ridge Community College Plecker Workforce Center, Weyers Cave, VA (and the VSU Wilder Center, Petersburg, VA on the third day). 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ramblings: No Taste


My name is Louis. I'm the social media intern for the Byrd House Market. I've written a good portion of the blog posts here for the past couple of years and occasionally we get these dry weeks where there aren't really many events to put into the stage light. So today, I'm going to go ahead and pull back the curtains an extra foot or two, and talk about some non-urgent stuff.

It's a little ironic for me personally to be working here, considering the fact that many of my taste buds have been burnt out from my high school days (too much spicy food and whatnot). It's not as if I can't taste anything what-so-ever. There are two extra elements to tasting food that I've noticed over the years. One, is the texture of food; by this I mean things like the roughness of its surface, its resistance against my teeth, the feeling as it slides to the back of my mouth. The second extra element would be the scent of food. Have you ever tried to taste a peppermint cane while holding your nostrils? Go ahead, try it, I'll wait (after all, I only exist in the form of electronic font). You honestly wouldn't taste much. That's because the majority of peppermint's taste comes from its smell before you eat it. I could explain how your sense of smell and taste are closely intertwined in the brain and whatnot, but then we'd be here all night.

It's because of these extra factors in food, combined with my ironic deficiency in this subject matter, that I put a lot of effort into preparing my meals, and even occasionally experimenting with recipes. For example, while cooking something over a stove on a pan will give it a new exterior texture, baking the same something in an oven will give it a more savory interior texture. Also, take the time to try marinating some food in different seasonings (e.g. lemon juice or basic salt and pepper).


 William Byrd School Code: 06816

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Martin's A+ School Rewards

Register your Martin's BONUSCARD and designate William Byrd Community House to receive your A+ School Rewards every time you shop between now and March 21, 2015. Reward points will be turned into cash for Early Childhood Education at William Byrd.

William Byrd school code - 06816
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And don't forget our event next Monday with Buz and Ned's Real Barbecue (see our earlier post).