Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today at Byrd House Market!

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A few highlights... 
Searra Jade, Asheville NC singer songwriter
Phal's Cafe

Brenda Lawler, Faith Farm Foods

Affordable Healthcare Information - www.enroll-virginia.com

Onions, Bill's Produce of Heath Farm

Byrd House Market FOODS 

Fine quality      Fresh      Locally sourced      
Delicious      Colorful      Good for You and Convenient !
Two and a Half Irishmen, Epic Gardens, Margie's Comforts Bakery
and Hidden Knoll are back on the grass today!
Sub Rosa is on vacation this week.

And so much to choose from √ eggs √ chicken √ beef √ sausages

√ beets √ cucumbers √ green beans
√ mushrooms √ onions √ potatoes
√ spinach √ sprouts √ squash √ turnips
√ blackberries √ blueberries
√ cherries √ melons

√ herbs √ honey √ noodles √ butter 
√ salsa and guacamole √ dressings and jams
√ pastries √ Irish breads √ Ciabatta loaves

√ pops √ ready to eat snacks and meals
√ goat milk soaps, cremes, scrubs, lip balms

√ raw meat dried into healthful food and treats for pets
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Today's $10 Deal Vendors:
The Byrd Farm
Origins Farm
Two & a Half Irishmen
Tomten Farm
Deer Run Farm

Steve Haas Mushrooms

TUESDAY's Weather: Mostly sunny skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 91 F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

Amy's Garden
Smiley things...
Think Flowers
Then get some.

A longtime Byrd House Market vendor, The Byrd Farm, has a beautiful new farm store in Goochland County. If you're out that way, you should check it out.

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 23, 2015 @ByrdHouseMarket

Today's $10 Deal Vendors:

The Byrd Farm
Origins Farm
Tomten Farm
Deer Run Farm

click here for recipe

WHAT is so COOL about Byrd House Market FOODS?? 

 Maybe it's that they are        Fine quality             Fresh           Locally sourced           Delicious             Colorful         Good for You       and      Convenient !

And so much to choose from  

√   eggs     √   chicken     √   beef     √   sausages

√   beets     √   cucumbers     √   green beans
√   mushrooms     √   onions     √   potatoes
√   spinach     √   sprouts      √   squash     √   turnips
√   blackberries     √   blueberries
√   cherries     √   melons

√   herbs     √   honey     √   noodles    
√   butter   
√   salsa and guacamole     √   dressings and jams
√   pastries     √   Irish breads     √   organic wheat loaves

√   pops     √   ready to eat snacks and meals
√   goat milk soaps, cremes, scrubs, lip balms

√   raw meat dried into healthful food and treats for pets
New vendor today is local Oregon Hill-er, Marty McCauley, who's crafting up savory and sweet Swineskins - a high-protein and high-fat snack, fried onsite in peanut oil.  

Heads up for folks looking for some favorite vendors, today: These folks will be out today but look forward to seeing you next week: Epic Gardens, Two and a Half Irishmen, Hidden Knoll, Margie's Comforts, Phal's Cafe

FORGOT YOUR CASH? GOT A CARD? SWIPE your SNAP, CREDIT or DEBIT card at the Market Info Tent. We're like an ATM but for TOKENS (NOT cash). Spend your tokens at Byrd House Market this week or next. 
Mostly sunny. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms late. Hot with highs in the upper 90s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent. Heat index values up to 104.
Check out the websites of this handful of our vendors, visitors and nonprofits...
It's really hot today so stay in the cool and breezy, drink plenty of water, dress lightly, keep your head covered and eat like you love your body!

SUMMER CAMP has begun!

And we are still enrolling! Find out how much fun it can be to get smarter over the summer at William Byrd Community House!  Preschool (3-5 yrs) and School-age (6-12 yrs). $85 registration fee, $85 per week ($80 for 2nd child in household). Call (804) 643-2717 for details and to register your child! www.WBCH.org
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Saturday, May 16, 2015


Dear Friends

I received an email about this new film released by director and filmmaker Rob Stewart, Revolution, which is apparently already winning awards at festivals across the world. The email states, "His last film, Sharkwater, has been one of the most successful and impactful environmental films of all time, winning over 40 awards internationally and leading to the worldwide banning of the cruel, wasteful and destructive practice of "shark finning". In his research after Sharkwater, Rob, together with the scientific community, has discovered that our oceans are racing towards total collapse within the next 3 decades. Rob made this new film, Revolution, aimed to again galvanize international action to save the very ecosystems that keep us humans alive."

Click here to watch the film.                          Visit the website: therevolutionmovie.com

In exchange for watching and blogging a review of the film, WBCH Grace Arents Library will receive a free copy of the film, and will therefore be able to offer it as a resource to the greater Richmond community. So, here is my review:

My family and I watched the film last Saturday evening. It is a feature length film, lasting 86 minutes. The film-maker is a photographer and scuba-diver with a life-long love of the ocean, and of sharks - something which I understand while being simultaneously convinced that the actuarial tables indicating I'm next on a shark's menu are not in my favor should I take them for granted (a child of "JAWS" obviously).

After explaining how amazing and essential the oceans and all who live in it are, the film's warning is clear: human time on earth may be running out. Life was born of water - and if we treat our oceans like dumping grounds or a giant toxin filter  - if we continue to "assume" the water can absorb everything and anything we throw or rain into it, we will kill it. And we will not have the capacity to fix it. Mama Earth-Air-Water will fix herself, on a geological timeline that may decide to leave humans out of the picture going forward. We have evolved to become an economic species that consumes at levels that continue to out-perform the last for destructive capacity, at macro and micro levels. In effect we are consuming our planet and refusing to to fathom that we may very well be consuming ourselves. 

The film is not as depressing as I made it sound above. Revolution has useful and compelling information as well as beautiful and compelling imagery; and tells its story well. It shows what is causing this pending collapse of the world's ecosystems as we know them, and what the solutions must be - if we have the will to implement them. The activists and scientists shown in the film come from all over the world, are of many nations and economic levels. And, in fact the film does a good job of showing that it is the educated and/or socially experienced people of the poorest nations that tend to understand the harmful effects of these negative changes to the planet. Having fewer modern infrastructure conveniences, they tend to live closer to the earth's own rhythms for providing water, food, shelter, health, education. So when those rhythms are disrupted or disappear, they are a little faster to recognize what is happening, and may tend to act, or want to act more quickly than developed countries' global corporations that pollute on the largest scale, and at the fastest rates for the biggest profits. Bigger and faster are the operative terms, though they do take a long view as well, and have the capital to be busy over here while patiently, intractably, and patiently planning the next resource extraction over there.  

Narrated by the film-maker, a young guy with a singular focus on understanding and saving the planet, Revolution also tries to show how people of any age can counter-impact the world for good. Constant learning accompanied by constant action fed by high energy, focus, observation, thought, and documentation - the stuff that builds movements and individual character.

The film's approach, the issues raised, the science, economics and sociology brought to bear should be open for examination and development. But clearly, the long view is needed as we figure out what values to impart to those who will inherit whatever we let happen. As an early childhood education center with a focus on nutrition through urban gardening, a farmers market and a community library, we have a fantastic opportunity to present this film as a vehicle for learning and intentional discussions to our children, families, friends and neighbors.

Let me know if you'd like to attend a pot-luck screening and discussion later this summer. byrdhousemarket@gmail.com